About Ekobar


With so many energy bar options on the market, what makes Ekobar different than the rest? 

The answer is in the packaging. Ekobar wrappers and labels are 100% compostable. Our Labels are made from from tree-free sugarcane and are printed by PureLabels (For more information, please visit their site PureLabels.com and their parent company Elevatepackaging.com) Ekobar are made from whole foods. Nothing over processed (rice syrup anyone?), nothing artificial, nothing weird. Be open minded. Ekobar differs slightly than the energy bars you may be used to. Compostable packages absorb moisture from the product contained inside; Ekobar have been formulated to stay fresh inside this type of packaging. 

Ekobar is available in 4 flavours. More flavours to come with plans to develop a product similar to energy chews in the future. 

Ekobar is now available for sale. Please go to Order Information in the menu to learn more.