Launching Soon

If you have been tracking Ekobar’s progress, we hit a delay in sourcing a printer for compostable labels. The original plan was to have a custom printed wrapper, but with a minimum of 30,000 units required, this wasn’t feasible for a start-up company with no sales to date. So the plan “B” is a stock compostable wrapper which we have been using in testing which can be purchased in quantities as low as 25, and affix a compostable label. Communication with the first company contacted was going well until the label information was sent and then nothing was heard afterwards; thankfully no money had been involved at that point. Luckily, we found another printer, Pure Labels and our compostable labels are now on their way.

The first production of Ekobar will have a common label for all three flavours. Don’t worry, the nutrition information and ingredients will be on the outer box in recyclable format. Ekobar will be available in boxes of 6 or 12. As sales pick up, we aim to have each wrapper marIMG_6990ked for individual sale (i.e. containing nutrition information and ingredients).

What have we been doing in the meantime? Exploring, playing, planning a garden, planting trees, running, riding bikes and having all sorts of fun!

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